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Equipment Repair/Service –If your equipment needs repair, Fibreclean’s factory trained certified technicians can help.   Our service departments are fully stocked to handle your equipment service and repair needs from wands and portables to truckmounts. 

Portable/Airmover/Dehumidifier Maintenance –  It’s important to keep your valuable equipment in excellent working condition (after all, your equipment’s successful operations is critical to your livelihood).  Fibreclean will do a 16 point inspection on your portable, airmover or dehumidifier to keep you equipment in optimum condition so it’s ready when it’s needed.

Truckmount Maintenance – Maintenance on your truckmount is essential to keep your business going.  You can’t work if your equipment is down.  Fibreclean offers a 73 point inspection for your truckmount to keep it in great working condition.

Winterization – Freezing your equipment or truckmount can be very costly in repair bills.  We recommend winterizing your equipment and truckmount every fall to avoid costly down time and repairs.

DOP Testing –  is a very quick process that tests the integrity of the HEPA filter using a dispersed aerosol solution.  This solution generates a gas type smoke and gas particles that will be greater than .03 microns.  The test certifies the HEPA filter is fully functioning and there is no leakage or damage.

Any equipment that has HEPA filters should be tested every time the equipment is moved or being used on a new project.  Equipment being used on a long job should be tested every 4 weeks.  For best results testing should be done on the job site.

Fit Testing – Performing a respirator fit test is an important step in a respiratory protection program.  Fit testing should be done every 2 years or if changing brands, loss or gaining of weight and if any facial surgery was performed.  We will show you the proper way to put on a respirator, how to position it on the face, how to set strap tension and how to determine an acceptable fit.  We will also go through the proper maintenance and limitations of your respirator.

At Fibreclean we do qualitative fit testing (QFLT) which is a pass/fail test method that uses your sense of taste or smell, or your reaction to an irritant chemical to detect leakage into the respirator.  This method is accepted by CSA Z94.4.

The technician will receive a fit test wallet card indicating the respirator they were fitted with and its size and a bag for the respirator.

Rentals – Rentals are available at participating locations on a daily, weekly, or weekend rate.  We rent truckmounts, Ninja portables, dehumidifiers, airmovers, foggers, ozone machines, UV lights, upholstery tools, wands, thermal imaging cameras, and much more.  Give us a call or stop by for all your equipment needs.

Leasing – Fibreclean Supplies offers a leasing program with competitive rates so you can get the equipment you need when you need it.