• Automatic Waste Pump-Out

    For easy disposal of waste water try this handy and compact pump-out. The unit mounts inside your waste tank and is activated by a float valve. Connect a garden hose and run it to the nearest toilet or sanitary sewer and your waste disposal problems are over. Comes with a powerful 12 volt pump, with 20 amp minibreaker, and a debris filter that slides out for easy cleaning. While you're still cleaning, the pump-out is at work taking care of your waste disposal.

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  • Heavy Duty Waste Pump-Out

    This heavy duty waste pump out is ideal for large commercial applications and deflooding jobs. A 1/8 HP DC motor runs on 12 volt DC current drawing 11.5 amps. The diaphragm pump runs from a 170 RPM gear drive system and pumps five gallons per minute. This durable pump out can run dry without damaging the unit and will meet almost any challenge you encounter. The diaphragm design means problems free pumping even with gravel or large particles in the flow - and there's no filter screen to clean!

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