• Aluminum Foil Tape 2" x 50 microns

    • UL 723 listed
    • Special adhesive formulation for cold application (-5 to 40 degrees C)
    • Temperature resistant from -40 to 120 degrees C
    • Reflectability of heat/light, high holding power
    • Join and seal duct work, insulation, boards and batts
    • Seaming, sealing/patching of fiberglass duct board and other foil faced products
    • Roll size 48mm x 45m
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  • Asbestos Barrier Tape Red

    Red polyethylene to warn of asbestos hazard. Meets OSHA 1910.144 for marking physical hazards. Lightweight, economical, reusable polyethylene with a continuous repeated warning message for indoor or outdoor use. 3 mil and weather resistant.  Roll size 3" x 1000'

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  • Asbestos Hazard Tape

    This specialized white, polyethylene, barricade tape is used to warn people of an asbestos hazard.  The white tape is printed with both red and black ink and is used during abatement operations as mandated by OSHA.  This tape meets or exceeds all OSHA regulations.  This tape is 3 mil and comes in 3" x 1000' rolls.

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  • Black Vinyl Electrical Tape

    Used for splicing of appliance wires, repairs in junction boxes, inuslation of wires, protection against solvents and corrosion and much more.

    PVC has excellent memory, is very comfomable and is water resistant.  Desgined for indoor use.

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  • Blue Easy Peel Premium Duct Tape

    • Prevents UV ray penetration
    • Low adhesive residue levels
    • Great weather resistance
    • Long term outdoor paint/steel flange masking
    • Outdoor marking for building and housing
    • One coat stucco application
    • Roll size 48 mm x 5 m
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  • Blue Painters Tape

    • Used for indoor and outdoor masking on flat surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic
    • Excellent UV resistant
    • Can be left on surface for 30 days
    • Non-staining
    • No residue upon removal
    • Not compatible with lacquer coatings
    • Roll size 48 mm x 55 m (1.88” x 180’)
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  • Caution Tape - Yellow

    High visibility Caution tape is a quick, temporary and effective way to surround or section-off hazard areas, danger zones, or construction sites. This tape can withstand indoor elements and outdoor weather conditions.

    • 3" x 1000'
    • Non -adhesive
    • Lightweight yet durable
    • 3 mil polyethylene plastic 
    • Economical and disposable, yet can be reused
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  • Contractor's Sheathing Tape for PE Barrier

    • Designed to seal, seam PE Vapor Barrier
    • High shear adhesive provides aggressive contact
    • Water, moisture and mold resistant
    • Excellent resistance to UV, prevents air infiltration
    • Roll size 60mm x 5m
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  • Dragon Skin™ Premium Poly Tape

    • Designed for clean removal in most temperatures
    • Secures poly sheeting for duct containment, negative pressure and lay flat ducting
    • Maintains a water tight seal and has easy tear edges
    • Not recommended for painted drywall or improperly finished surfaces
    • Roll size 48 mm x 5 m
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  • Dragon Skin™ Double Sided Tape

    Designed for a strong hold and clean release Dragon skin double sided tape features a woven cloth liner with a high tack natural rubber adhesive. Paper liner is easier for fast and easy application.

    • Double sided high performance tape
    • High tack for quick hold
    • Cloth liner and rubber adhesive
    • Paper backed liner for easy application
    • Designed for a strong hold and clean release
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  • Duct Tape 48 mm

    • Excellent for all sealing applications
    • Suitable for all types of repair and patching work
    • High adhesion - initial tack
    • Roll size 48 mm x 55 m (1.88” x 180’)
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  • Echo Blue Painter's Masking Tape

    • Used for masking of drywall, wood trim, hardwood floors
    • Outdoor UV protection for up to 14 days
    • Will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 14 days
    • Roll size 48 mm x 55 m (1.88" x 180')
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  • Medium Grade Filament Tape

    • A clear fiberglass reinforced polyester- backed pressure-sensitive strapping tape
    • Transparency permits visibility for retail items, packaging and bundling applications
    • Roll size 48 mm x 54.8 m (1.88” x 179’)
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  • Nashua #140B Blue Painters Tape

    Painter's grade masking tape for a variety of surfaces.  Clean removal masking for metal, glass, wood, vinyl and plastics.  For both interior and exterior uses.

    • Tearable, conformable, holds up to most paints and other moistures
    • Good bond to most surfaces, clean removal up to 14 days
    • UV resistant
    • Not recommended for laquer, varnish or urethane finishes.  Do not use on wallpaper, unpainted wallboard, wood floors or pooly bonded finishes.
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  • Nashua #157 CleanDrape 2 Sided Tape

    CleanDrape double-sided sheeting tape secures tarps or poly sheeting materials to surfaces such as wood, glass, aluminum, plastics, and vinyl.  Hold material in place without damaging surfaces for painting, cleaning, sanding, construction, or abatement applications.  Blue side has clean removal for up to 14 days.

    • Cloth reinforcement
    • Release liner
    • Rolls 48 mm x 18.3 m, 75 mm x 18.3
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  • Nashua #2280 Duct Tape

    Nashua #2280 Multi purpose duct tape is great for general repairs, sealing off polyethylene waste disposal bags, bundling and securing carpets, padding and protective sheeting, general purpose abatement and contractor uses, bundling, patching, plumbing applications and heavy duty box sealing.

    • Low VOC content
    • Aggressive adhesion to smooth or rough surfaces
    • Resists twisting and curling, moisture resistant
    • Roll size 72mm x 55m
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  • Nashua #300 Duct Tape

    • Ideal for long lasting seal, patch and bond uses
    • Bundling and seaming/hanging poly sheeting
    • Emergency tape for auto applications
    • Conforms to irregular surfaces, resists twisting and curling
    • Low VOC
    • Roll size 72mm x 55m
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  • Packing Tape

    • Good for packaging application where moisture resistance is required
    • Resistance to moisture, chemicals, cold, heat and weathering
    • UV resistant
    • High tack, impact resistant
    • Won't yellow
    • Roll size 48 mm x 100 m
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  • Polyken #757 PE Tape White

    Polyken 757 multi-purpose PE tape is great for the abatement/restoration industry  to hang and patch PE sheeting, to seal waste disposal bags, tape down floor liners or protectors, etc.  This tape is moisture resistant and has a lower tack.  Use for bundling, wrapping, repairs, wire hold down, polyethylene splicing, surface protection and dissimilar metal tape.

    • Polyethylene film backing - tearable, comformable, flexible, excellent durability and solvent resistant
    • Rubber based adhesive - high tack, repositionable and clean removal from many surfaces
    • Low VOC - Environmentally friendly and safe to use
    • Sizes: 48 mm x 55 m, 72 mm x 55 m
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  • Silver Duct Tape 3"

    Utility grade pressure sensitive cloth tape that is single coated with high tack, natural based adhesive.

    • Roll Size: 72 mm x 55 m (2.83" x 180')
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  • Tape Dispenser

    Adjustable tension handheld dispenser. Maximum width 48 mm.

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  • Tuck Sheathing Tape

    • Excellent adhesion to insulation materials
    • This tape is meant for permanent application only - will leave adhesive residue if removed
    • High shear adhesive provides aggressive contact
    • Water and moisture resistant
    • Excellent resistance to UV and weathering
    • CCMC approved
    • Roll size 60 mm x 66 m (2.36” x 216’)
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  • Utility Masking Tape

    • Splicing tape
    • Light bundling and packaging
    • Most masking applications in spray or brush painting
    • Non-staining
    • Tears easily
    • Roll size 44 mm x 55 m (1.88” x 180’)
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