• 51 LED UV Light

    The best investment you'll ever make! This high-powered, 51 LED UV light is built specifically for urine detection. The lights are tuned to work in the 385-390nm range of the UV spectrum and waste very little energy in the spectrum of light that doesn't cause the molecules in urine to fluoresce. The UV light is water resistant, shockproof with a rugged aluminum body. LED lifetime is an impressive 100,000 hours and will run for hours on three AA batteries.

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  • Bio-Reveal SystemSure Plus Luminometer

    The SystemSure Plus luminometer is at the heart of the bio-reveal real-time contamination detection system. With stunning accuracy, portability and simplicity, the SystemSure Plus is the perfect too for rapid assessment of ATP levels, resulting in faster product turn-around times, safer environments and reduced liability.

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  • Bio-Reveal Ultra-Snap ATP Swabs

    The UltraSnap ATP swab is an integrated device using a unique liquid stable reagent and SNAP-VALVE technology to deliver unbeatable accuracy and reproducibility. Simple swab an area, snap, squeeze and read the results with the SystemSure Plus luminometer in seconds.

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  • Delmhorst BD-2100

    The BD-2100 is great for measuring moisture in a variety of different building materials, including wood, concrete, drywall, EIFS, roofing, insulation, and flooring. The BD-2100 has a digital display, an adjustable alarm, and Delmhorst’s exclusive calibrated drywall scale.

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  • Delmhorst HT-3000 Meter

    The HT-3000 thermo-hygrometer is a great tool for monitoring the level of humidity in flooring installations, building inspections, restoration jobs, and even agriculture operations. With a simple interface, fast acclimation, and useful statistics like dewpoint and grains per pound, the HT-3000 is a great value at an economical price.

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  • Delmhorst HT-4000

    The HT-4000, a stand-alone thermo-hygrometer for flooring installers and restoration contractors alike. For contractors who prefer having separate meters to one combination meter, the HT-4000 is the perfect solution. The meter’s sensor is also detachable, making the HT-4000 ideal for testing a concrete slab according to the ASTM F2170 standard.

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  • Delmhorst Navigator Pro Restoration Package

    Meeting the restoration contractor's demand for detailed, accurate, and accessible information.

    The Navigator Pro moisture meter features advanced job definition that organizes readings of the floor, wall, and ceiling in affected rooms. Stored readings can be downloaded to a spreadsheet on your PC, providing clear, complete documentation of every job.

    Navigator Pro can be used to check moisture in drywall, insulation, wood, concrete, and plaster. It traces leaks to find exterior moisture and dry rot.

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  • Delmhorst QuickNav 3-in-1 Meter

    The QuickNav incorporates a pin mode, a scan mode, and a thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld unit.  Instantly calculates dewpoint, grains per pound, and vapor pressure.

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  • Delmhorst TechCheck Plus

    Given the challenging conditions of building inspection, installation, and drying jobs, it pays to have an easy-to-use moisture meter that you can depend on. The easy-to-use 2-in-1 TechCheck PLUS was designed with simplicity in mind and helps to make even the most demanding job simple.

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  • Dri-Eaz Protimeter Hygromaster 2

    The Protimeter Hygromaster 2 is the latest in hand held hygrometry technology. Features outstanding performance with a simple and easy to use interface with multiple Psychometric calculations and a non-contact surface IR temperature probe.

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  • Dri-Eaz® HydroSensor I

    The original! Map the migration of water in carpet and pad without straining your back. The HydroSensor I has a 31-inch reach to save your knees and back. Sensitive nickel-plated points alert you to moisture content above 17%. Use only on carpet and pad.

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  • Dri-Eaz® HydroSensor II

    Map the migration of water in carpet and pad without straining your back. The HydroSensor II has a collapsible shaft that extends to 31 inches to save your knees and posture. Sensitive nickel-plated points alert you to moisture content above 17 percent. Use only on carpet and pad.

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  • Dri-Eaz® Psychrometric Calculator

    Now you can make the scientific calculations you need for water damage restoration with speed, precision, and ease. The Digital Psychrometric/Dehumidifier Calculator from Dri-Eaz helps you find fast answers to make the best on-the-job decisions.

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  • Dri-Eaz® WetChec®

    Build customer confidence and promote your business. 
    Give a WetChec to adjusters and customers to help them understand what's wet and what's dry. Personalize it with your business information and hand it out to referral sources - it's much more memorable than a business card.

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  • Extech Digital Manometer

    The Digital Manometer measures Gauge/Differential Pressure from 0 to 138 inches of water.  Applications are HVAC, Fume Hoods, Pheumatic controls, Hydraulics, Medical equipment and Clean rooms.  Includes a 9V battery, connection tubing and hard carrying case.

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  • Extech Humidity / Temperature Pen

    Obtain relative humidity & temperature readings simultaneously with this pocket pen. A fast & simple means to determine if air temperature moisture levels are acceptable. Compact and ideal for field use.

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  • Extech Laser IR Thermometer

    A compact thermometer that measures up to 260 degrees C (500 degrees F).

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  • Extech Mini Thermo-Anemometer

    Waterproof pocket size with Air Velocity, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point, and Windchill.

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  • Extech Ultrasonic Distance Meter

    Laser pointer identifies target area and improves aim. With built in white LED flashlight.

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  • Flir Ebx Series Cameras

    Compact Infrared Cameras with on-board visual camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, P-i-P and bright LED Light. The best performance & value compact thermal cameras designed to fit into your IR building inspection program.

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  • Flir MR176

    The Flir MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter Plus with IGM™ (Infrared Guided Measurement) is an all-in-one tool equipped with a built-in thermal camera that can show you exactly where to measure moisture. An integrated pinless sensor and an external pin probe provide the flexibility to take either non-intrusive or intrusive measurements.  Coupled with a field replaceable temperature and relative humidity sensor, and automatically calculate environmental readings, the MR176 delivers added convenience and ease of use, producing the right measurements - faster.  

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  • Flir MR77 Moisture Meter

    The MR77 is a rugged, feature-packed moisture meter incorporating a pinless sensor & a wired pin probe to capture moisture readings up to 0.75” below the surface of various wood types and building materials.  The unit incorporates a laser spot IR Thermometer, a field replaceable temp/humidity sensor, and high/low moisture and humidity alarms.  This all-in-one moisture meter helps you manage your toughest water restoration projects.

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  • Flir i7 Compact Infrared Camera

    The new i7, now with 36% higher thermal resolution than before and a wider fi eld of view to help you image more clearly, scan more quickly, and store an entire scene in one complete picture.

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  • GE Aquant

    The Protimeter Aquant is used to assess and monitor the relative moisture level of building materials including plaster, drywall, masonry, concrete and fiberglass (GRP). It is ideal for checking the relative moisture condition of building elements such as solid walls and floors prior to more rigorous and time-consuming investigative procedures that may be required. The Aquant can be used to detect the presence of moisture behind floor and wall coverings such as ceramic tile and vinyl floor coverings. It can also be used for surveying GRP boat hulls for the early detection of damp spots that could lead to blistering caused by osmosis.

    The Aquant has a digital display that is synchronized with a color-coded LED scale. The display shows the relative moisture level of the material under investigation on a scale of 0-999 and the color coded LED scale indicates the material’s moisture condition. To use, the Aquant is simply held against the surface of the material under investigation. The relative moisture level is measured by radio frequency to a nominal depth of 10-20mm. There are no needles to mark the surface and the Aquant is not adversely affected by moisture.

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  • GE MMS2

    The MMS2 represents the latest protimeter technology in one intuitive, robust and fully functional design. If you're surveying buildings, inspecting a home, drying a building after a flood, or testing concrete moisture for a flooring application, the MMS2 is the solution for you. 

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  • GE Protimeter Hammer Electrode

    The Hammer Electrode penetrates through structural materials like sub floors and framing to a depth of 1.38" (35 mm). The insulated pins determine the exact moisture content of wood or the Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) percentage of other materials. Use it to evaluate the extent of water damage during an inspection and while monitoring the drying process.

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  • GE Protimeter MMS2 Restoration Kit

    The MMS2 Restoration Kit comes complete with everything you need to detect, measure and monitor moisture in the restoration environment. Featuring the all-new MMS2 moisture meter from GE, the Kit provides complete moisture detection and measurement capabilities, sub-surface moisture migration detections, full hygrometer features and data logging capabilities. Easily and accurately evaluate wood, wood floors, gypsum, concrete, plaster, cinder block, and much more.

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  • GE Protimeter Mini

    The Protimeter Mini is a compact, general purpose pin type moisture meter used for assessing moisture conditions in buildings. It can be used for making rapid moisture assessments in a wide range of building materials including wood, masonry, drywall, plaster and concrete. The instrument measuring pins are small and sharp which means measurements can be taken at the surface with virtually no mark left behind.

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  • GE Protimeter Surveymaster

    This unique Surveymaster moisture meter has two modes of operation - search and measure. Search and measure help the user to distinguish sub-surface from surface moisture, essential information when trying to establish the extent and cause of a dampness problem.

    Surveymaster is a moisture meter that displays the moisture level values on a digital display along side a scale of color-coded lights. This digital moisture meter helps in accurate building material moisture measurement. This combined presentation of moisture measurement helps the user to map the extent of problems and monitor changes in condition precisely and reliably.The Surveymaster is the industry standard moisture meter for surveying and investigating moisture in buildings.

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  • GE Protimeter Technician's Kit

    Get the Psyclone, Surveymaster, and Hammer Probe together in a durable ABS case. This compact and user-friendly kit equips the technician with everything needed to read ambient conditions and measure moisture content of materials. Precut foam inserts protect and organize tools for ready access.

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  • GE Psyclone

    The Protimeter Psyclone is a highly durable and functional hand held thermo-hygrometer designed to measure relative humidity and temperature in a wide range of environments and applications:

    • Disaster restoration
    • Indoor air quality
    • HVAC—efficiency monitoring
    • Environmental monitoring
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  • Nikro Pressure Differential Gauge

    Use this inexpensive pressure gauge to monitor negative pressure in your containment or work area.

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  • Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator

    The Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator is a "must-have" restoration tool. This handy tool gives you the moisture content information you need to determine a drying strategy and monitor the drying process.

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  • Prochem Crew Chief Monitoring System

    The Crew Chief is the center of the Prochem restoration product line. The built in advanced power management can balance the equipment which optimizes the job site drying conditions. Should the job conditions of 85% relative humidity occur while drying the Crew Chief will temporarily power down the air movers. This will allow the dehumidifiers to lower the excess humidity, eliminating the threat of condensation. After relative humidity drops below 85% the Crew Chief will then power up the air movers and resume drying.

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  • Reed Video Borescope/Inspection Camera

    The perfect camera for all your inspection needs.  Comes with video borescope, imager head, magnet, hood and mirror attachments, 3.7V lithium battery, DC power supply, USB cable, video output cable, user manual and hard carrying case.

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  • Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter 4

    A pocket size non-destructive meter designed to measure the moisture content in concrete flooring prior to the application of floor coverings.

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  • Tramex Digital Hygrometer

    This pocket sized digital hygrometer provides fast and accurate measurement of relative humidity, temperature and dew point of the environment.

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  • Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus

    The Moisture Encounter Plus is a non-destructive overall building inspection tool which has applications for numerous industries. It has many unique features that make moisture measurement and evaluation fast, accurate and versatile.

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  • Tramex Professional Meter

    The Professional is a hand-held, digital, pin-type resistance moisture meter designed to take precise measurements of moisture content in wood, wood by-products and other building materials.

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  • UV MicroLED Light

    Finally, an affordable rechargeable light with the power of True UV LED. This lamp has 12 LED's optimized for power and ideal for urine detection.

    • Cordless
    • Each LED has 70,000-hour life and produces an intense UV light without overheating
    • Long-Life rechargeable battery provides 3 hours of constant-on power
    • Ni-MH Battery pack can be charged at any time
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