Containment & Tarps

  • Carpet Shield Multi-Application Roller

    The Multi-Applicator is the perfect tool for applying film quickly and easily.  Use this protective film applicator for applying Carpet Shield, Multi Surface Protection Film or many other types of floor protection film.  This applicator fits 24" - 36" rolls.

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  • Carpet Shield Protection Film

    Carpet Shield Protection Film is the best temporary carpet protection you can buy.  It is a clear, self-adhering protective film for all types of carpeting.  The non-slip surface is a special blend of polyethylene which is highly resistant to tears or punctures.

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  • Mold, Asbestos and Warning Signs

    All the job site warning signs you require.  Asbestos or Mold (English, English/French, single sided, double sided, plain paper or laminated all available).  Hard Hat, Safety Glasses and Safety Shoes requird, Do Not Enter, Ozone in Progress, BioHazard, (available in plain paper or laminated).

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  • Multi Shield All Purpose Floor Protection Mat

    Multi Shield is a durable, multi-purpose floor protection product for surfaces, such as carpet, ceramic tile, marble, granite and laminate hardwood floors.  It has a unique breathable water barrier formula that protects against liquids and accidental spills.  The underside is formulated with anit-skid properties that prevent it from slipping.

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  • Multi Surface Protection Film

    Multi Surface Protection Film is a durable, self-adhering protective film for hard surfaces, such as tile, marble, granite, vinyl, VCT, laminates and factory finished hardwood.  It can also be used to help prevent damage to tubs and counter tops. 

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  • Neoprene Floor Runner

    Neo Shield is a reusable neoprene mat, designed to defend against high impact drops, spills and foot traffic. Available in Red or Blue.
    27" x 20'

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  • NovaShield Temporary Floor Protection

    Protects all surfaces and floors.  Very durable, water and tear resistant.  Lays fast and flat and is non-staining.  For use on wood, concrete, stone, marble, terrazo, tile and linoleum.  Built with 4 ply construction , 100% Canadian and made with recycled materials.

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  • Quick Support Rods

    • Versatile tiltable rubber pads adjusts to different applications at home or job sites
    • Patented built-in push-lock pin system on extension tubes which is proven and secured for safety measures
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  • Rapid Wall Cover

    Rapid Wall Cover has a 2" tape strip that makes it fast and easy to hang.  Clings to almost any surface for quick and inexpensive protection.  It will not damage walls, wallpaper, doors, windows, furniture, appliances or office equipment.  Just adhere the taped edge and unravel the plastic.

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  • Rip Proof Tarp

    • Rip proof poly in a highly visible orange color
    • Laminated high density polyethylene woven scrim with a low density polyethylene finish
    • Good for asbestos remediation projects
    • 12’ x 100’ roll
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  • Tarp Zip-Up Zipper

    A peel and stick adhesive zipper system that instantly creates doorways in tarps, poly or heat shrink wrap creating easy in and out access. Great for containing sawdust and drywall dust during renovations. The 84” long, heavy-duty #5 zipper is sewn to a 950-denier high density polyethylene backing that has a permanent high-tack acrylic adhesive.

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  • ZipPole™ Kit with 2 x 10' Poles

    The ZipPole™ product is ZipWall’s™ new low-cost steel product. About half the cost of the original aluminum poles, the ZipPole™ product is strong, lightweight and compact. They work with ZipWall™ accessories and accept sheeting up to 8 mil thick.

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  • ZipRail™ Dual Seal Accessory

    The ZipRail™ Dual Seal is a great new product that lets you create a dust-tight seal along the entire floor and ceiling without tape. The ZipRail Dual Seal is the fast and easy way to get the best performance from your ZipWall™ dust barrier system.

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  • ZipWall™ 4 Pack Plus

    The perfect starter kit. Create a dust barrier up to 30 ft long in minutes. Poles extend from 4' 7" to 12'.
    Includes: Four 12' aluminum spring loaded poles, 2 Foam Rail™ crossbars, 4 heads, 4 plates, 4 tethers, 4 Grip Disks™, 2 ZipWall Standard zippers and 1 heavy duty carry bag.

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  • ZipWall™ Carry Bag

    This durable, carry bag can hold 12’ or 20’ spring loaded poles, as well as Foam Rail™ crossbars, Side Clamp™ wall mounts and other accessories.

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  • ZipWall™ Commercial ZipDoor™ Kit

    The commercial ZipDoor™ kit is a great way to create a dust barrier for larger doorways in hospitals and commercial space. And, it’s reusable too. Designed for commercial doors up to 4’ x 8’ and is flame retardant.

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  • ZipWall™ Foam Rail™ Crossbars

    Foam Rail™ crossbars were designed to work with all ZipWall® spring loaded poles and are sold 2 per pack. The included T-Clip is used to mount the poles at the center of the Foam Rail™. The Foam Rail™ crossbars were not designed to hold up the plastic sheeting. They push the plastic or barrier material against the ceiling after the barrier has been built using ZipWall™ poles placed 8 to 10 feet apart. 

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  • ZipWall™ Heavy Duty Zippers 2 Pack

    Zippers have a greater adhesive area allowing for an aggressive tack and have 3” wide construction for maximum durability. Works in temperatures below 55°F. The pack comes with the ZipWall™ Zipper-Knife™ sheeting cutter.

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  • ZipWall™ Kit with 2 x 12' Poles

    Add to your ZipWall barrier system two poles at a time. These aluminum spring loaded poles extend from 4’ 7” to 12’.
    Includes: 2 spring loaded poles, 2 heads, 2 plates, 2 Grip Disks, and 2 tethers.

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  • ZipWall™ Kit with 2 x 20' Poles

    The Kit 20 poles extend from 5’ 2” to 20'. The poles can be placed 8 to 10 feet apart.
    Includes: Two 20 foot spring loaded aluminum poles, 2 heads, 2 plates, 2 Grip Disks™, and 2 tethers.

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  • ZipWall™ Kit with 6 x 12' Poles

    Add to your ZipWall system with 6 poles.
    Includes: 6 spring loaded poles, 6 heads, 6 plates, 6 Grip Disks, and 6 tethers.

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  • ZipWall™ Side Clamp™ Wall Mounts

    Each Side Clamp™ wall mount is made of polycarbonate and is very tough. Clamps easily fit into the carry bag. Includes 2 clamps.

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  • ZipWall™ Standard ZipDoor™ Kit

    The new ZipDoor™ kit is a great way to create a dust barrier when all you need to seal is the doorway. One person can install it in under a minute. You’ll save hours on jobs with lots of doors like commercial office space, hotels, hospitals, and more. The savings can really add up. Best of all, it’s reusable. 

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  • ZipWall™ Standard Zippers 2 Pack

    Contains 7’ self adhesive zippers. Has the smoothest glide available, and is engineered with large sturdy easy-slide teeth. Made with 2-sided pulls for easy entry/exit to or from the barrier. Works best in temperatures above 55°F.

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  • ZipWall™ Tape

    Cover any opening, built-in or fixture using plastic sheeting and ZipWall™ double-sided tape. It’s like traditional painter’s tape on one side, while the other side has an adhesive specially designed to hold plastic sheeting.

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