Prochem Crew Chief Monitoring System

The Crew Chief is the center of the Prochem restoration product line. The built in advanced power management can balance the equipment which optimizes the job site drying conditions. Should the job conditions of 85% relative humidity occur while drying the Crew Chief will temporarily power down the air movers. This will allow the dehumidifiers to lower the excess humidity, eliminating the threat of condensation. After relative humidity drops below 85% the Crew Chief will then power up the air movers and resume drying.

ItemProduct #
Crew ChiefE203-10079010
  • Off site monitoring and event notification of equipment and job conditions
  • Job documentation is autmatically recorded from start to completion, capturing all critical data
  • Advanced power management
  • Quick and easy job setup
  • User friendly website
  • Crew Chief and sensors are built for durability