Quick 220V Splitter Box

Quick 220 Systems 20 Ampere Twist Locking Outlet consists of the Model A220-20L Quick 220 Voltage Converting Power Supply plus the adapter cords necessary to connect to ordinary 120 volt outlets (NEMA 5-15).

This sales package is designed for users already possessing heavy duty, 12 gauge or larger, 110-120 volt extension cords. In these cases where the user supplies the extension cord(s), it should be 12 gauge minimum with connectors that have been wired correctly. This can be checked with the outlet tester (TEST001) supplied with the system.


  • Quick 220 Power Supply, 20A, twist locking outlet
  • Outlet Tester
  • Adapter Cord, 2 each

ItemProduct #
Quick 220 V Splitter BoxE204-Q220