Drying Systems

  • 40 Amp Mini Power Box

    CEP’s Portable Power Distribution Centers (Temp Power Boxes) have been engineered utilizing the latest in GFCI technology, providing the user with the highest level of electrical safety. These power distribution centers are protected by a GFCI module giving the user not only ground fault protection, but also open neutral and reverse phasing protection. They are listed to U.L. 1640 Standards for Portable Power Distribution and designed to stand up to the toughest of jobsite conditions. Each unit has been carefully assembled to provide the ultimate in electrical safety as well as meeting current OSHA standards. Dryer & Range adaptors required for power feed. Available in 2 ft and 10 ft lengths. 

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  • Dri-Eaz® AirWolf WolfPack

    Part of an unbeatable combination.  The WolfPack and the AirWolf form the ultimate team for drying hardwood floors faster than ever. For an even more powerful system, use along with the Rescue Mat System to dry floors FAST.

    Easily adaptable for any floor plan.  The WolfPack attachment system comes with three TurboVents, and plenty of flexible ducting, clamps and diverters. Arrange it along walls affected to direct airflow where it's needed  most.

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  • Dri-Eaz® Perforation Roller

    This Perforation Roller allows you to get more air through impermeable materials such as vapor barriers like vinyl wallpaper and enamel paint. 

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  • Dri-Eaz® Rescue Mat System

    The Rescue Mat System uses the power of a high-pressure blower like the DriForce to vacuum water vapor right through the surface of the floor. Two different sizes make it easy to custom fit your Rescue Mat System to any floor layout.

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  • Dri-Eaz® TurboDuct

    Ventilate or dry confined spaces like closets, crawlspaces or attics with the TurboDuct. Attach the TurboDuct to the snout of a Sahara HD or previous Sahara Pro-HP for 15 feet of 10-inch diameter ducting. Manufactured in the USA using high quality PVC-coated polyester material and finished with a fabric tape wear strip. The ducting is anti-static, flame resistant, and is mildew, mold, rot and UV-resistant.

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  • Dri-Eaz® TurboVent® 48"

    Dry walls with the power of a Sahara HD or previous Sahara Pro-HP TurboDryer®. Attach the TurboVent 48 directly to the snout to deliver a 48-inch wide column of air. Ideal for drying wet wall and ceiling cavities.

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  • E-TES SD

    Directed Heat Drying is the science of heating water not air. Every 18° of heat rise water doubles its vapor pressure and dramatically increases evaporation. E-TES Smart Dry (SD) is the perfect tool to raise water temperature, increasing evaporation.

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  • Injectidry Direct-It

    Specifically developed to target areas that need high air exchange rates. Sets up in minutes. Replace fewer walls & ceilings. Dries beneath and behind cabinets and stairwells. Capable of drying 24 linear feet. 

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  • Injectidry HP60-i Wall & Ceiling Drying Kit

    The industry's first trapped moisture ventilating system. Dries water damaged walls and ceilings by injecting air between stud cavities (or removing moist air with negative pressure). Comes complete with Active Hoseline, Tubing, Injectors, Manifolds, Hosecuffs &  Carry Bags.  

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  • Injectidry The Interceptor

    The Interceptor HEPA filter can be set up to process air that is going into or coming out from beneath cabinets, walls, ceilings and floors. It is important to know that HEPA filters do not make a HEPA system. Only by processing all air negatively, can a HEPA system be achieved. All air is processed before going through the blower in either negative or positive drying modes thus never contaminating equipment. Extend the life of your HEPA system by replacing the pre-filter (green and yellow) often.

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  • Injectidry The Silencer

    The Silencer is made of ABS plastic and quiets the drying system by about 25%. It actually takes some of the impeller noise out in addition to attenuating the air rush sound. The Silencer attaches to either the Main AIR IN or AIR OUT Hose. Due to probable high heat output, the Silencer should be elevated from surfaces that could be damaged by heat.

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  • Injectidry The Water Separator

    The Water Separator works to protect your HP60 by preventing bulk water from passing through when drying in a negative mode. It should be used after the initial vacuuming with a truckmount system to capture the remaining water that could be undetected. The Water Separator will collect bulk water that may be trapped in ceilings, walls, floors, or cabinets that you are drying. It is no ordinary bucket...The Separator has an anti-collapse ring built into it. 

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  • Injectidry Variety Panel Package

    Use the Variety Panel Package with your HP60 system to dry wet materials such as: hardwoods, subfloors, tile, headers, plaster walls, and even concrete. These panels are made of durable and low maintenance ABS plastic and come in a variety of configurations to meet your drying needs. 
    It's quick and easy! This system pulls moisture through the flutes & out of the wet materials by using negative air pressure. 

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  • Phoenix Window Adapter

    The Phoenix Window Adapter is an easy-to-use and convenient tool for the restoration professional to properly duct drying equipment outside the affected structure. The Phoenix Window Adapter fits windows from 23 inches to 36 inches wide and accepts most duct sizes up to 12 inch (non-insulated) or 10 inch (insulated). It quickly adapts to most double hung and sliding windows as a portal without the use of plywood or cardboard!

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  • Quick 220V Splitter Box

    Quick 220 Systems 20 Ampere Twist Locking Outlet consists of the Model A220-20L Quick 220 Voltage Converting Power Supply plus the adapter cords necessary to connect to ordinary 120 volt outlets (NEMA 5-15).

    This sales package is designed for users already possessing heavy duty, 12 gauge or larger, 110-120 volt extension cords. In these cases where the user supplies the extension cord(s), it should be 12 gauge minimum with connectors that have been wired correctly. This can be checked with the outlet tester (TEST001) supplied with the system.


    • Quick 220 Power Supply, 20A, twist locking outlet
    • Outlet Tester
    • Adapter Cord, 2 each
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