• Dri-Eaz® DrizAir® 1200

    The DrizAir® 1200 dehumidifier has all the convenient features of its larger cousins in a compact and extremely portable size. A proven favorite of water damage restoration professionals! The DrizAir® 1200 dehumidifier combines proven design with professional performance and portability. The rotomolded polyethylene housing is dent resistant, offers superior durability, and helps to protect furnishings when in use. Stack up to two units high for storage. A rigid handle and semi-pneumatic wheels ensure easy transport and maneuverability.

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  • Dri-Eaz® Evolution LGR

    The Evolution packs state-of-the-art low grain refrigerant technology into a compact design. Built for today’s trained restoration professional, the Evolution also encompasses the most user-friendly features. So versatile and easy to handle that you'll want to use it on every job!

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  • Dri-Eaz® LGR 2800i

    The LGR 2800i refrigerant dehumidifier offers exceptional performance across the full range of jobsite conditions – in low humidity environments and even at high temperatures (up to 125°F). The unit is engineered for the heavy demands of water damage restoration and rental use. A rugged rotomolded housing and durable construction make this Dri-Eaz dehumidifier a top choice for professionals everywhere.
    The LGR 2800i provides high performance with low energy consumption - 130 pints per day (at AHAM) with just 8 amps, as verified by a laboratory under contract to AHAM.

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  • Dri-Eaz® LGR 3500i

    Delivering 170 pints at AHAM at only 10.5 amps, the LGR 3500i takes dehumidification to new heights. Built with the same restoration-ready, easy-to-transport design as the industry-leading 2800i, the 3500i delivers supersized performance and reliability. The 3500i is built for the tough environments found in water damage restoration, construction, and rental use. The rugged rotomolded housing and durable construction make this Dri-Eaz dehumidifier the number one choice.

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  • Dri-Eaz® LGR 7000XLi

    To achieve the 7000's amazing performance, Dri-Eaz engineers developed the Advanced Crossflow Technology to maximize energy utilization. At the same time, the unit's built-in sensors constantly monitor real time performance data to automatically calculate ideal operating parameters – such as fan speed and cycle duration – in real-time.

    The result is XL category-busting performance in a unit that matches the size of an Evolution and weighing only 107 pounds! With its outstanding performance at AHAM and saturation, plus 40% better low-grain performance than competitive units, the 7000XLi is truly the top performer.

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  • Dri-Eaz® Revolution LGR

    The Revolution packs state-of-the-art LGR technology into the most compact design ever achieved for the restorative drying industry.  Stackable and easy to transport, the Revolution's space-saving design lets restorers pck more drying power into their trucks, saving extra trips and boosting profitability.  This unit was build for tough environments found in water damage restoration and construction.

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  • Filters

    Fibreclean carries a wide range of filters for your dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.

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  • Injectidry Protect-It™

    Prevent damage from leaking dehumidifiers with Injectidry's PROTECT-IT™

    • Protects floors and ceilings below
    • Made of durable polyethylene
    • Provides 7 gallons of emergency overflow protection
    • 25" x 25" inside dimensions
    • Raised feet allow for airflow
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  • Phoenix 200 MAX LGR Dehumidifier

    The Phoenix 200 MAX is one of the most effective and versatile drying devices available on the market today. The 200 MAX removes more water and has more grain depression than other refrigerant dehumidifiers, even though it only requires 7.4 amps of electricity. When you combine this performance with the multiple ducting and air filtration options, it is easy to understand why the Phoenix 200 MAX is considered the ultimate in low grain refrigerant dehumidification.

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  • Phoenix D385 Desiccant Dehumidifer

    The Phoenix D385 provides the perfect combination of features and performance for the restoration professionals.  Ingeniously designed to operate verticaly and horizontally, the Phoenix D385 provides the wide operating range and ultra-low grains of a desiccant with the water removal capacity of the largest LGR's.

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  • Phoenix R175 LGR Dehumidifier

    The Phoenix R175 combines our Proven Performance into a compact, state of the art, roto-mold design. The R175 reflects all the ingenuity and engineering expertise that is expected in Phoenix name-brand equipment.
    Efficient design results in the R175 removing 30% more water (92 pints at AHAM) than competitive LGR units of similar size, while drawing only 6.3 amps of power. The Phoenix reputation for performance is continued in the R175's excellent grain depression and operating range.

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