Air Scrubbers

  • Abatement Technologies® PRED1200

    The lightweight Abatement PRED1200 Portable Air Scrubber (PAS) delivers outstanding air scrubbing performance in an ultra-strong, rotational molded polyethylene cabinet. Weighing only 70 pounds with filters, the PRED1200 produces an eye-popping peak airflow rating of 900 cfm at 3.5 amps or less!

    The PRED1200 PAS removes hazardous airborne particles from water restoration, construction and renovation zones in several filter stages.

    The PRED1200 features a built-in, two-wheel dolly and durable handle for maximum portability. The GFCI-protected duplex receptacle allows multiple units to be daisy-chained on one 15-amp outlet. 

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  • Abatement Technologies® PRED750 Portable Air Scrubber

    Since its introduction, the legendary Abatement Technologies®PREDATOR® 600 model has been the number one small portable air scrubber on the market. Today the revolutionary new PREDATOR 750HC* Portable Air Scrubber (PRED750HC) takes this reputation for performance, quality and reliability to an even higher level!

    The cutting-edge PRED750HC features a unique, updated double-wall polymer cabinet and design that produces exceptional airflow and durability to make your jobs easier and more profitable. With an amazing peak airflow of up to 750 cfm – up to 50% more than the competition – the  PRED750 is ideal for containing dirt and containments when accessing wall cavities and overhead ceiling areas, or use with mobile containment cubes in construction and maintenance areas. Rugged and easy to move, the PRED750 operates on 1.9 amps or less.

    Some competitive air scrubbers are equipped with filters that rely on an electrostatic charge to achieve their initial efficiency rating that can quickly dissipate during use on water jobs. Not with the PRED750HC! Its true HEPA filter can maintain or even increase its initial 99.97% efficiency rating job after job, month after month, so users can potentially save thousands of dollars per year in replacement filter costs and labor.

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  • Dri-Eaz® DefendAir HEPA 500

    High efficiency air filtration and extreme versatility – all with a small footprint! The DefendAir HEPA 500 combines advanced clean air performance with the valuable features to help make the restorer’s job easier. It provides variable speed control from 250 to 500 CFM, the typical airflow level demanded on restoration jobs.

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  • Filters

    Fibreclean carries a wide range of filters for your dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.

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  • Nikro PS1000 Air Scrubber

    The PS1000 portable air scrubber is constructed of dent and corrosion resistant polyethylene and has been specifically designed for remediation, restoration and abatement contractors.  The uniquely designed filtration system with a 99.97% Certified HEPA Filter is located after the motor assembly. This design not only filters particulate from the work area, but also prevents carbon and bearing dust produced by the motor from exhausting into the environment. The result is 99.97% absolute clean exhaust air.

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  • Nikro PS2009

    Light weight, dent and corrosion resistant portable polyethylene air scrubber. Designed to take a beating, this durable high performance unit features a 2-speed blower for contolled air flow, 3-stage filtration with 99.97% @ 0.3 micron HEPA filter. Stackable nesting feature for easy transporting and storage, locking casters and side carrying handles.

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  • Nikro PS600

    Light weight, dent and corrosion resistant portable mini air scrubber. This high performance unit features a variable speed control, 3 stage filtration with a 99.97% @ 0.3 micron HEPA filter, filter monitoring gauge, hour meter, and a 12" intake and exhaust flange. This unit is stackable and has the daisy chain capability to operate 4 units on one power cord.

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  • Nikro SC2005

    This economical high performance unit features a 2-speed blower for controlled air flow, 3-stage filtration with 99.97% @ 0.3 micron HEPA filter, filter monitoring gauge, hour meter, 12" exhaust hose flange, 4-caster design and side carrying handles. The cabinet housing is aluminum with fully welded seams and powder coat paint finish.

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  • Nikro UA2005

    The UA2005 is extremely powerful yet compact and versatile. This unit, with its narrow design, 10" rear stair climbing wheels, front casters and handle assembly, makes maneuvering it a simple one-man operation. The UA2005 features a 2 speed blower for controlled air flow, 99.97% HEPA @ 0.3 microns, 12" exhaust hose flange, filter monitoring gauge, hour meter and an aluminum housing with fully welded seams and powder coat paint finish.

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  • Nikro UR800

    The UR800 is ideal for residential and smaller commercial jobs. Extremely portable, this unit with its stair climbing 8" rear wheels and handle assembly, makes it an easy one-man operation to maneuver. The UR800 features a four stage filtration system (the 4th stage is an optional carbon filter for odor control) including a 99.97% HEPA filter @ 0.3 microns, variable speed control, 12" intake and exhaust hose flanges and filter monitoring gauge. The cabinet is aluminum with fully welded seams and powder coat paint finish.

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  • ODOROX® Decon Scrubber™

    The ODOROX® Decon Scrubber™ unit is the right choice for removal and decontamination of large volumes of particulate and pollutants from the air.

    The ODOROX® Decon Scrubber™ unit is finely tuned to eliminate odors and particulate associated with bacterial, viral and mold contamination. The ODOROX® Decon Scrubber™  unit is designed for removal of large amounts of smoke, ash, animal dander and pollen. The Decon Scrubber™ unit will also remove odors caused by incinerated/burnt plastics, organic matter, and chemicals.

    This unit is wheeled for mobility and works well in medium to large commercial facilities like hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, prisons, manufacturing & agricultural facilities, and is ideal for disaster restoration firms.

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  • Prochem Triad AFD

    The Triad AFD is a HEPA, High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. Adding the Triad AFD to the top of a Triad airmover will clean the air of allergens, bacteria, dander, dust, dust mite debris, mold spores, pollen, and other particles. The Triad AFD attaches to the top of the Triad airmover producing a multi-purpose product that can generate profits on every restoration job. Utilizes only 1.48 amps.

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