UV Pro 550

Designed for use as high output shock treatment tools.  Ideal for use in garbage compactors, industrial restoration, mold remediation, crime scene cleanup, auto detailing (not affected by high humidity) and more.  Any air passed through the ozone generator is “Super Sterilized” by UVC, C & A.  550 mg/hr.  The UV PRO 550 will easily reach 3 ppm in a 1400 cu/ft space in about 1 hour, or 1/5 ppm in 2800 cu/ft.   The PRO 550 comes equipped with a 4" ozone output adn fresh air input spouts.  These will hook up to a drier vent hose or 4" think wall sewer pipe.

ItemProduct #
UV Pro 550E204-UVPRO550T36