Tile & Grout Neutral Cleaner

Tile & Grout Neutral Cleaner is an all purpose cleaner with the technology to loosen oils and soils from all types of hard surfaces and holds them in suspension for removal. Neutral Cleaner can be used with scrubbing machines, rotary extractors, hard surface tools or mop and bucket. Neutral Cleaner should also be used as a rinsing agent after the use of Tile & Grout Acidic Cleaner or Tile & Grout Alkaline Cleaner to prepare surface for sealant.

ItemProduct #
4 LC101-905
20 LC101-906
205 LC101-908

Available: 4 L, 20 L & 205 L

Dilution Ratio: 1:40 up to 1:133

Diluted pH: 7.5 - 8