• Baseboard Stripper

    • Specially formulated to serve the housekeeping professional where floor machines can't reach.
    • Penetrating foam easily removes soil and wax buildup from baseboards, floors, and ceramic wall tiles.
    • Quick and easy to use - adheres to vertical surfaces.
    • Cleans within minutes of application.
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  • Chef Griddle & Fryer Cleaner

    Chef is an extremely effective cleaner for griddles, fryers, and ovens. It is a unique and proven formula for removing baked-on carbon, leaving no residue or lingering odor.

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    Biobased, ready to use graffiti and vandal mark remover that removes adhesive, inks, marker and paints from most surfaces.

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  • Dustbane Sweeping Compound

    Use to reduce airborne dust during sweeping and ease the removal of dust and dirt from sealed and unsealed wood, concrete and metal floors. AG-CAN approved.

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  • Odorcide Cigarette Smoke

    Odorcide 210 for cigarette smoke is a safe and effective tool for eliminating tough odors caused by smoke.

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  • Odorcide Dumpster & Chute

    Odorcide 210 for dumpster and chute is a safe and effective tool for eliminating tough odors found in trash dumpsters and chutes.

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  • Odorcide Laundry

    Odorcide 210 for laundry is a safe and effective tool for eliminating tough odors found in the laundry.

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  • Solera

    Solera is ideal for household and institutional use. Solera is effective on very dirty dishes, pots, and utensils. With the aid of powerful grease-cutters, Solera leaves dishes spotless and clean. Fresh lemon scent.

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  • Stain-Sorb

    Stain-Sorb is a unique liquid stain absorbent and remover.  It is highly effective against oils, greases, BBQ grills, silicone oils from tire dressings and other stains.  It is ideal for use on asphalt, concrete, paving stones, pressure treated wood, composite decking and other surfaces.

    Easy to apply by pouring, spraying or brushing onto stained surfaces.  Quickly dries to a powder for easy removal.  No scrubbing or rinsing is necessary.  Biodegradable.

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  • Stainless Steel Cleaner

    This triple solvent formula cleans a multitude of spots, stains and soils.

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  • Tiger Oven Cleaner

    Tiger is a blend of surface active agents combined with powerful alkaline emulsifiers to penetrate baked-on grease for fast and easy clean-ups. Tiger is user friendly, since it does not produce harsh odours or fumes. Lemon fragrance.

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  • Velva Sheen

    Velva Sheen gets more dust off the floor with less work and helps you unload mops easily and completely without scattering debris. Treatment is as easy as spraying your mop's backing with the aerosol.

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