Hand Soaps & Sanitizers

  • Antiseptic Hand Soap

    A skin cleaner with anti-bacterial agents, containing skin protecting emollients. Government approved for use in medical and food service facilities.

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  • Corsage

    A mild cosmetic-grade hand cleaner which lathers abundantly, leaving skin feeling clean and soft.

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  • Deb Soap Dispenser

    Dispenser for 1 L Deb Pink Foam Soap cartridge.

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  • Hand & Body Shampoo

    A premium blend of cosmetic-grade surfactants and emollients which leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. It is suitable for hotels, motels, fitness centres and educational facilities.

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  • Instant Hand Sanitizer

    • Waterless, topical antimicrobial hand sanitizer gel
    • Evaporates instantly to leave hands soft and smooth
    • A clear 60.25% ethyl alcohol based emollient gel effective in killing eight important micro-organisms
    • Ideal for non-surgical areas where water is not available 
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  • Natural Hand Sanitizer

    Natural Hand Sanitizer is proven to kill 99.99% of germs using only safe plant-based ingredients, and is alcohol free.

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  • Polypower

    Polypower combines the highly efficient detergency of cosmetic-grade surfactants with the deep cleaning action of a synthetic abrasive.

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  • Refresh Debonaire Foam Soap

    An extremely mild, delicately fragranced foaming skin cleanser, formulated for the removal of light soilings from the hands. The product may be used in Food Processing Establishments.

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  • Tradition

    Environmental Choice approved hand cleaner.

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  • Tradition Plus

    Tradition Plus is a pleasure to use because of the rich lather. Use with foaming dispensers in commercial and institutional washrooms, restaurants, hospitality, offices and schools and reduce your amount of soap dispensed by more than 50%.

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  • Ultra Orange

    Using the cleaning power of natural citrus solvents and gentle cleaning action of non-clogging synthetic beads, it cleans and leaves hands smelling fresh.

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  • Worx™ All Natural Hand Cleaner

    WORX™ revolutionary, 100% biodegradable, All-Natural hand cleaner removes stubborn stains, dirt, grease, and grime from the dirtiest hands. Simply wet one hand, apply WORX™ powder, wet the other hand, scrub, and rinse thoroughly. Use WORX™ All-Natural hand cleaner and notice an immediate difference.

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