Thermo 55

Utilizing a blend of highly purified petroleum solvents and odor-controlling essential oils, Thermo 55 creates a vapor barrier that prevents malodors from finding their way into the living environment. Solvent-based and available in a wide range of pleasant scents, Thermo 55 is especially effective for controlling odors associated with structural fires. It is also highly effective for tobacco-related odor removal.

ItemProduct #
944 ml CitrusC108-433006909
3.78 L CitrusC108-433001909
3.78 L CherryC108-433002901
3.78 L KBGC108-433002906
3.78 L NeutralC108-433001902
3.78 L Tabac-AttackC108-433002907

Available in: 944 ml &  3.78 L Citrus, 3.78 L Cherry, KBG, Neutral & Tabac-Attack

Dilution Ratio: Ready to use