Thermo 2000

Thermo 2000 is a powerful water-based odor counteractant formulated for use in thermal foggers. Unlike solvent-based thermal fogging formulations Thermo 2000 contains only food- and cosmetic-grade ingredients. This means significantly reduced levels of volatile organic chemicals (V.O.C.s) for improved operator safety and occupant comfort. Apply with a thermal fogging device only.

ItemProduct #
3.78 L CherryC108-433102901
944 ml CitrusC108-433106909
3.78 L CitrusC108-433102909
944 ml Fragrance FreeC108-433106902
3.78 L Fragrance FreeC108-433102902
3.78 L KBGC108-433101906

Available in: 944 ml & 3.78 L Citrus & Fragrance Free, 3.78 L Cherry, & KBG

Dilution Ratio: Ready to use