Encap EC

Encap EC (Encapsulating Cleaner) is a crystallizing copolymer cleaning solution for use with bonnet or brush carpet maintenance systems. Specially formulated Encap EC breaks down grease, releasing dirt from carpet fibres quickly and easily, allowing soil to be absorbed onto the bonnet pad, or suspended in crystal form for later vacuuming when using a brush system, leaving behind clean bright carpet fibres. The crystallizing copolymer technology in this cleaning detergent, encapsulates remaining soil within the carpet into a crystal form which is easily removed by subsequent vacuuming.

ItemProduct #
4 LC101-995
20 LC101-996
205 LC101-998

Available in: 4 L, 20 L & 205 L

Dilution Ratio: 1:16

Diluted pH: 9.4