Home Care Deodorants

Tackle malodors like a professional!

Home Care Deodorants can be used for several applications in the home to control malodors from all kinds of sources.

Have your company name and number printed on every label.  Your information will be on a product that your customers love and will use frequently.

ItemProduct #
Home Care Deodorant - AppleC101-1832
Home Care Deodorant - CherryC101-1812
Home Care Deodorant - LemonC101-1842
Home Care Deodorant - Pet Stain & OdorC101-1802
Home Care Deodorant - Spring BreezeC101-1822

Available in: 12 x 500 ml case

Available Scents: Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Pet Stain & Odor, Spring Breezse

Dilution Ratio: Ready to use