ECOZ non-toxic odor neutralizing liquids are compatible with other cleaning solutions, and contain no quats, known carcinogens or other known hazardous ingredients. 

This product is safe on most water-safe fabrics. It is biodegradable, nontoxic, alcohol/CFC/ODC free, non-staining, non-corrosive, versatile and economical. 
Suggested applications: meeting areas, hotel rooms, carpet/rug shampoos, floor rinsing solutions, toilet and urinal cleaning, portable toilets, kennels, trash receptacles, restroom floors, trigger sprayers and foggers, pressure washers, mop bucket rinse, water holding tanks.

ItemProduct #
Ecoz Classic Neutral 946 mlC106-901601600
Ecoz Classic Neutral 3.78 LC106-9016011600
Ecoz Classic Neutral 18.9 LC106-901605
Ecoz Lemon 946 mlC106-9011800
Ecoz Lemon 3.78 LC106-9016011800
Ecoz S.O.S. 3.78 LC106-901501
Ecoz S.O.S. 18.9 LC106-901505
Ecoz Spray 2ozC106-1602P

Available in:

Ecoz Classic Neutral 946 ml, 3.78 L & 18.9 L

Ecoz Lemon 946 ml & 3.78 L

Ecoz S.O.S. 3.78 L & 20 L

Ecoz Spray 2 oz