Clearoma® is the ultimate odor control and odor removal product. With a secret, scientifically designed blend of natural odor organics, essential oils, natural aldehydes, esters and ketones with vapour reducing properties, Clearoma® will remove everything obnoxious including pet odors, skunk odors, household odors and more! 
The vapor pressure reducing reaction attacks malodorous compounds that typically contain sulphur and nitrogen, altering their aromatic character. This allows Clearoma® fragrance compound to deliver a pleasant scent. Clearoma® contains propriety aroma odor control chemicals with specific odor supressing properties. Clearoma® are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

ItemProduct #
4 L Liquid FormulaC106-235
4 L Rechargable Gel-PakC106-240
Fan UnitC106-245
250 ml/125 ml Odor KitC106-242

Available in: 4 L jug, 4 L Rechargable Gel-Pak

Also Available: Fan Unit