• Chapin Industrial Sprayer "Viton Seals"

    The Chapin Industrial Sprayer with Viton Seals is designed for industrial strength cleaners and degreasers.  It has a 48 oz capacity and has chemical resistant seals and gaskets.  An adjustable poly and brass cone nozzle allows a range of spraying.

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  • Chapin Industrial Stainless Steel Sprayer

    The Chapin Industrial Stainless Steel Sprayer has a durable 3 gallon stainless steel tank with a wide Tri-Lock opening.  It's compatible with common fertilizers, week killers adn pesticides.  This sprayer has an adjustable brass nozzle and a brass shut off lock-on feature.

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  • Chapin Industrial Viton Cleaner and Degreaser Sprayer

    These sprayers are designed for industrial stength cleaners and degreasers with viton seals and gaskets to handle a variety of chemicals.  The poly tanks have 4” wide mouth openings for easy filling and cleaning.

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  • Chapin Multi-Purpose Sprayer

    The Chapin Multi-Purpose Sprayer is a hand held polyethylene 48 oz / 1.42 L capacity sprayer. It has an adjustable poly nozzle and pump.

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  • Chapin Pre-Treat & Ice Melt Backpack Sprayer

    This sprayer has a 4 gallon translucent tank with a 4” mouth opening and is compatible with common pre-treat and ice melt chemicals.  It has a 3 stage filtration system with in-tank removable/cleanable filter.

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  • Chapin Premier Pro Tri-Poxy Steel Sprayer

    The tri-pioxy lined steel tank provides triple protection against rust, corrosion and damage from denting.  They come standard with brass wands, adjustable brass nozzles and brass shut off with lock-on feature.  These sprayers are compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides.

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  • Chapin Premier Stainless Steel Sprayer

    Premier stainless 2 gallon sprayer with brass adjustable cone nozzle and drop-in and lock-n wand holder.

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  • Chapin Premier XP Sprayer

    • Now with 40% more pump volume per stroke
    • Wide-mouth for no-mess filling and cleaning. 
    • Adjustable brass nozzle
    • Pressure relief system now built into tank
    • Built in multi size wand receptacle
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  • Hydro-Force™ Injection Sprayer

    The Hydro-Force™ connects to your pressure line and automatically draws concentrate from the 5 quart container to achieve your desired dilution ratio. Use for carpet presprays, deodorizers, protectors, etc. High pressure unit 250 to 1000 PSI for truckmounts or high pressure portables. 

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  • Hydro-Force™ Low Pressure Injection Sprayer

    Hydro-Force™ sprayers connect to your pressure line and automatically draw concentrate from the 5 quart container. Heavy duty stainless steel extension and gun. 30-250 PSI.

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  • Hydro-Force™ Revolution HP Sprayer

    The Revolution is an injection sprayer designed to be adjustable by simply turning a knob - it is simplicity and technology at its best. Apply any chemical in your truck. Ratios of 1-4 up to 1-64 are obtained with a turn of the knob.

    Better Cleaning - When you come to that grimy area in front of the couch, turn the knob for higher concentrates of the chemical. Turn it lower for light soils. 

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  • Multi-Sprayer M2

    This 115V, 50 PSI electric sprayer is all you need for all your spraying requirements. The Multi-Sprayer M2 is compatible with either solvent or water based products. 

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  • Trigger Sprayer and Bottle

    Chemical resist trigger sprayer and bottle

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