• Assorted Furniture Pads

    Choose from foil, clear or white plastic furniture pads. Used by the professional cleaner for preventing rust, stains or moisture transfer from carpet in legged furniture. Available in package or case.

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  • Carpet Skidders

    Carpet Skidders let you move furniture on carpeted areas with little effort. Place a skidder under each leg of the furniture then slide the furniture. Skidders come in 3½" set of four.

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  • Corner Guards

    Protect your customers wall corners and prevent costly claims.

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  • Duk Guard

    Duk Guard is designed to protect the walls of most L-shape stairs from damage that may be caused by hoses. It also serves to protect corner floor walls and around furniture. 

    Caution Stickers can give your Duk Guard a second use as a "Caution Sign".  Stickers fit into the molded depression on the panels of the Duk Guard.

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  • Easy Moves Pro

    An essential tool for anyone who moves furniture. Ideal for use on thick plush or low pile carpet.

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  • Styrofoam Blocks

    We carry snap off styrofoam blocks, ultra strong premium blue blocks.

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