FibrePoints Terms and Conditions

Fibreclean FibrePoints Terms and Conditions

Business charge accounts must be in current standing in order to redeem FibrePoints.  FibrePoints are non-transferable.

Fibreclean Supplies Ltd reserves the right to alter the basis upon which FibrePoints Rewards are earned at anytime and to change or discontinue the FibrePoints program without advance notice.  In the event of discontinuing the FibrePoints program, Fibreclean Supplies Ltd will attempt to provide sixty (60) days notice to you, within which you may redeem any outstanding FibrePoints.

All FibrePoints in an account will expire and be forfeited, without notice, if a) the FibrePoints member does not acquire any FibrePoints for a period of eighteen (18) consecutive months, or b) if a FibrePoints member ceases to be in business.

The onus is upon the customer to report any FibrePoints discrepancy on your invoice, failing which the FibrePoint balance is deemed to be correct (obvious mathematical errors excepted).

FibrePoints may be redeemed only by pre-authorized individuals and the account holder.  Fibreclean Supplies Ltd is not liable for any misappropriation of FibrePoints by any person representing themselves to be an employee or pre-authorized individual of the customer.