EZ-ier Containment Tape

EZ-ier Double sided containment tape is designed for use in preventing the spread of dust and harmful particles, including lead paint, dust, asbestos and mold.  It's tough enough to withstand negative pressure, provides a strong hold yet removes cleanly.  Adheres firmly to plastic sheeting and offers strength and conformity, even on heavily textured surfaces.  Hand tearable.  For use with containments or dust barriers.  Not for use on finished wood, wallpater, unpainted drywall or weakly bonded coatings.

ItemProduct #
2" x 60'E221-AC8402
  • When properly installed it meets the requirments for safely containing the work area in EPA lead safe renovation, repair and repainting and the IICRC environmental remediation and restoration
  • Combines masking tape and high tack cloth tape
  • Thickness - 17 mil