Belle Givens

Belle Givens has been in the asbestos industry since 2005, from working in the field for nearly 5 years, with daily hands on experience and an unbiased perspective on the application to site specific requirements and procedures, additionally engaging in the manufacturing of safe work procedures as well as the implementation. And now working alongside with DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd as an environmental consultant for the past 7 years, assisting in a wide range of asbestos abatement and mould remediation air monitoring projects, encompassing into air quality, and hazardous materials identification requirements. Belle was accepted by Occupation Health and Safety to become a certified instructor for the “Occupational Health and Safety for the Asbestos Worker” Course back in February of 2015, and has been teaching since. Belle is Passionate about providing information to all individuals, “with proper information we can all make an informed decision”.

Bill Griffin

In 1973, Bill Griffin formed Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc., to market the Comprehensive Custodial Training Manual, a 300 page book he’d written on the technical aspects of cleaning. Since that time, he has written many other cleaning related books and also publishes Cleaning Business Magazine for self-employed professional cleaners.

Having taught cleaning, maintenance and management subjects at South Seattle Community College, Lake Washington Voc Tech, Renton Voc Tech and the Washington Institute of Applied Technology, Griffin now stays busy conducting privately sponsored seminars for equipment manufacturers, suppliers and industry trade associations. He also writes articles for trade publications and provides consulting services to small business owners, large corporations, property management firms, hospitals, schools and organizations with specialized cleaning needs.

Brendan Kimmel

Brendan Kimmel managed a full service cleaning and disaster restoration firm for 6 years in the greater Seattle area. He joined the RSA in 2008, managing the RSA Claude Blackburn Education Center in Burlington, WA. Brendan has spoken at industry conventions, conducted on-site training for private firms and has been actively involved with industry associations such as the CCINW. He serves as the primary technical and project support specialist for the RSA, assisting alumni and other professional restorers with a wide variety of drying challenges. Brendan is an IICRC certified Master Water Restorer, Master Fire and Smoke Restorer, Applied Microbial Remediation Technician and Master Textile Cleaner. He presently serves as a resident instructor for the RSA Restorative Drying 201 program.

Craig Jasper

Craig Jasper is an IICRC approved instructor in fire restoration, water damage, odor control, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning.  He is also an RSA approved instructor for trauma.  Craig is currently on the IICRC board of Directors representing the IICRC trade association of which he is past president.  Craig has owned and operated his own cleaning and restoration business as well as ran the license department for two National department stores.  Craig has worked for numerous manufacturers and franchises developing products and systems.

Dennis French

Dennis French has been involved in Air Quality testing since 1985. He started DF Technical in 1998 and has progressed to having 3 locations in Alberta with a staff of 17. Our focus is on the indoor environments including mould, asbestos and industrial hygiene (workplace monitoring). Dennis holds several certifications related to the industry and is a certified instructor for the Asbestos Worker Certification course as recognized by the province of Alberta.

DF Technical

DF Technical Services focuses primarily on the Indoor Environment, focusing on the aspects related to Asbestos, Mould and Industrial Hygiene (workplace monitoring).

Felix Neumann

Felix Neumann has been working in the indoor environmental quality inspection and testing field for over 20 years.  Her educational background includes training in building science, indoor air quality testing, water restoration and cleaning, infection control and prevention, ergonomics, building biology, EMF testing, environmental microbiology, mold remediation, lead inspections and assessments and years of working in Germany.  She is a Board Certified Microbial Consultant and conducted her first mold and moisture inspection in 1993 and has since performed and supervised thousands of microbial and indoor environmental projects working at ET&T.

Gary Loiben

Gary has spent 30 years in the cleaning and restoration industry as a business owner, consultant, trainer and executive. During his tenure, Gary has trained thousands of restoration and cleaning professionals in the principles of fire, odor and water damage restoration. Gary holds several designations and certifications related to restoration, to include AMRT, MR, CMRT and CIE. In addition to his technical background, Gary has helped more than 100 small businesses grow from initial startup. He has owned, managed or consulted with businesses that range from startup to more than $100 mm in annual sales. He is a graduate of Dale Carnegie Human Relations and Public Speaking, and past assistant instructor for this prestigious program. Gary is currently a Technical Training Instructor for RSA.

Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright, CMI, CMRC has been involved as an Environmental Consultant in the indoor Air Quality industry since January 2010 with DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd. Over the past five years, he has been involved in the development of specific work strategies and procedures for removing or controlling asbestos materials, both in the residential and industrial markets. He also ensures all Alberta OHS safety regulations pertaining to air quality are adhered to when managing asbestos projects. Jeff became a Certified Mould Inspector and Certified Mould Remediation Contractor in 2013, and a Certified Instructor for Alberta Occupational Health and Safety for the Asbestos Worker Course in December 2014.

Jessika M. James

Jessika James has been in the cleaning and restoration industry for over 27 years, opening her first cleaning and restoration company along with her brother Kevin in 1984. She has owned and operated several successful disaster restoration and bio-remediation businesses in the northern California bay area. Among her many accomplishments in the industry, Jessika has earned the status of Clean Trust IICRC Approved Instructor, Clean Trust IICRC Master Textile Cleaner, Master Water Restorer, Master Fire & Smoke Restorer, Council Certified Indoor Environmentalist, Mold Remediation Project Manager for Prochem, where she creates cleaning and restoration manuals, supervises and organizes national training seminars for the Prochem team of instructors, and instructs internationally. Her vast and varied knowledge of the cleaning and restoration industry makes her highly sought after as an instructor and industry trainer.

Joe Dobbins

Joe Dobbins has been in the cleaning and restoration industry for over 27 years. He has experience in direct operations of construction, professional cleaning, restoration, inspection and consultation. He also has experience as a consultant to insurance companies and employed as a property claims adjuster. Joe is a Master Textile Cleaner, Master Smoke Restorer, Master Water Restorer and Senior Carpet Inspector. Being one of the industry's foremost authorities on restoration topics, he is a licensed general contractor and his firm processed hundreds of fire, water and mold losses annually. The combination of working as a contractor and later as a claims adjuster brings a perspective to the classroom that enables insight into both areas of restoration work.

Previous designations with the IICRC include a member of development task force for ASD and AMRT, Certification Division Chair over Restoration Division and Maintenance Cleaning Division, Technical Advisory Committee Chair for ASD, FSRT and WRT, and Chair of Certification Council/Executive Officer for 6 years overseeing technical development for cleaning, inspection, restoration, hard surface/maintenance cleaning and apprentice/basic skills. Today, Joe holds the position as Chair of the Technical Advisory Committees for WRT and WFMT and is also certified in all divisions of the IICRC.

He is an approved instructor with the IICRC. He is also approved in approx. 20 states to teach continued education to the insurance industry in water, mold, fire and odor classes. He has a teaching style of down to earth yet with a dynamic personality.

Joey Pickett

Joey Pickett is President of Service Consultants and Joey's Carpet Care of Lexington, Kentucky. With over 32 years of experience, he is recognized by the IICRC as a Certified Master Cleaning Technician, Restorer, and Senior Inspector. He serves on the IICRC Standards Committee including as Contents Chapter Co-Chair of the S-500 Water Damage Restoration Standard, Chairman of the S-300 Upholstery and Fine Fabric Cleaning Standard, and has provided peer review for several other standards.
Joey is well known as an IICRC-approved instructor, TV and radio personality, and offers presentations on a wide variety of technical, management, marketing, and inspirational topics.
Joey works as an industry consultant and coach to cleaning and restoration companies, insurance companies, carpet and fiber manufacturers, consumer reporting agencies, trade associations, chemical and equipment manufacturers and suppliers.
Joey's presentations are fun, down-to-earth, and extremely informative.

Ken Sellers

Ken, a 1982 graduate of Elon University in Business Administration began his career in the cleaning and restoration industry in 1987 while performing restroom hygiene and sanitizing. After this beginning, he went on to own a multi-location carpet cleaning company when he began getting into the property damage restoration industry. Following owning his own company, Ken went on to work for several independent restoration organizations and several offices of a national restoration franchise, Paul Davis Restoration, to account for a 24+ year career in the cleaning and restoration industry. Currently, he provides training and consulting, specializing in all facets of property damage and contents restoration, as well as being IICRC approved instructor for WRT, FSRT, OCT, AMRT and CDS. Ken has also developed and is approved to teach Continuing Education Credit courses for the insurance, real estate and property management industries.

Ken's experience from the field brings a side of education that is easy to understand and relate to by technicians, managers and owners alike. Anyone interested in furthering their technical knowledge and in the field training will embrace these courses strongly.

Kenneth Major

Kenneth Major, M.Sc.A., has provided industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety consulting services to various sectors including government, mining, manufacturing, heavy industry, retail and construction.  He has conducted indoor air quality assessments, designated substances and hazardous materials surveys (including asbestos), pre-demolition building material assessments, noise exposure assessments and mould assessments.  He has provided training on a variety of topics including: hazardous materials and asbestos awareness, WHIMS, personal protective equipment, working at heights, fall arrest, fire safety/emergency preparedness, worker rights and responsibilities, air purifying respiratory protection, and industrial hygiene air sampling. He has provided respirator fit testing and asbestos awareness training for on-site workers during pre-demolition hazardous materials remediation projects and has supervised on-site contractors for a number of asbestos abatement and removal projects. He has provided these health and safety services in Ontario and Quebec as well as Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Lee Senter

James (Lee) Senter started his cleaning/restoration career in Ottawa in 1978. He currently owns several companies involved in the cleaning, restoration, inspection and hardwood floor industries in Toronto.
 Lee is the IICRC Health and Safety TAC Chair and is IICRC Vice-chair of Standards. Lee teaches the IICRC certification classes of CCT, CCMT, UFT, WRT, ASD and HST. He also sits on the consensus bodies for the S520, S540 and B210 standards as well as a committee member of the RIA Fire standard.
Lee is well known for his passion for the cleaning and restoration industry as well as the green cleaning industry.

Leslie E. Saltel

Leslie has been involved with developing and delivering safety training programs for over 25 years. Coming from a Military and Paramedic background, Leslie has both operational and leadership experience to combine with training courses and effective classroom learning outcomes. 

Specializing in hazardous materials and designated substances training, Leslie has taught a significant number of MTCU Asbestos Worker and Supervisor courses over the past 10 years. His courses are well received by all who attend and employers frequently seek his input on expanding their internal training programs.

Leslie is currently the Senior Training Manager at Optimum Safety Solutions. For the past 5 years, he has provided exceptional training and consulting services to primarily the Asbestos and Construction sectors of industry. Safety through quality education.

Lydia Renton

Ms. Renton is an exceptionally well qualified and experienced professional with an established reputation for high-quality occupational health and safety program management. She provides industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety consulting and audit services to a wide variety of industry and government sectors, including hightech, mining, automotive, pulp and paper, landfills, printing operations, insurance, property management, municipalities, and various federal government departments.
Ms. Renton directs the consulting business practice and quality control within the BluMetric Occupational Hygiene and Safety Department. She provides overall quality review guidance for OHS projects. She oversees all formal industrial hygiene and occupational health programs, including hazard reviews, training, chemical management, lasers, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, respiratory and PPE, mould, indoor air quality, noise, DSR’s assessment and control programs (arsenic, lead, asbestos, isocyanates, mercury).
Ms. Renton is a frequent speaker at occupational hygiene, health and safety conferences and seminars. She was
appointed to the Management Board of Directors of the Ontario Workplace Health and Safety Agency (WHSAOntario) in the early 1990’s. She was awarded the 2008 Hugh Nelson Award of Excellence for occupational hygiene leadership by OHAO. She was named a Fellow of the AIHA in 2014.

Mark Violand

Mark Violand has been in the floor covering business since 1977. Carpet care was his first encounter. As consumers became more interested in other types of floor coverings, so did Mark. As a certified senior carpet inspector, Mark now operates an inspection, correction and repair business which handles all types of floor coverings. 
Mark is an IICRC approved instructor in the following categories:

  • Carpet Cleaning Technician
  • Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Technician
  • Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician

Pat Dooley

Pat Dooley has been involved in the Restoration industry for over 30 years, owning a restoration company with 8 locations throughout British Columbia, then as Director of Restoration Development and IICRC training for Stanley Steamer.

Pat has been involved in Catastrophic Loss Management for all hurricanes and major flooding in North America to date, including Florida's Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the 4 Florida hurricanes in 2004, and New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Pat became a lead instructor for Dri-Eaz Products in 1999, writing and teaching the first Applied Structural Drying course offered. He then founded Restoration College, averaging 75 schools per year for restorers and insurance adjusters throughout Canada and the U.S. 

He is currently the only Canadian IICRC -approved restoration instructor with field experience.

As a Voluntary Committee Member of the IICRC, Pat participated in rewriting the new S500 Water Damage Standards section on Large Loss Drying.

Today Pat Continues to teach, write articles, manage catatrosphic losses with his company, Drytech International, as well as providing expert witness testimony in legal disputes involving the restoration industry. He is a keynote speaker at many conferences including the Canadian Adjusters Association, and is a consultant and trainer to the Insurance industry.

Pat Dooley is the only Canadian instructor among 6 IICRC-approved, worldwide, to teach the new IICRC Commercial Drying Specialist course. 

Patrick Windle

Patrick Windle, C.EA., M.A., is a long experienced Canadian environmentalist, with an extensive background in hazardous materials identification, remediation and education, beginning in 1981.  Specializing in asbestos issues, Windle also deals with mould, lead and PCB’s.  Fireproofing, sprayed and blown acoustical insulation, firestopping and building envelope remediation also form a large part of his construction background, which began in 1974.  During that time, he has participated in scores of building science seminars across North America and began teaching asbestos control methods in the late 80’s.  Hazmat consulting services (to all levels of government, institutional industrial and commercial clients), including both Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental site assessments, building surveys, specification writing and project management, have formed a large part of Windle’s activities over the past 30 years.

Peter Sierck

Peter Sierck is the director and founder of Environment Testing & Technology, Inc. (ET&T) in San Diego. ET&T specializes in the assessment of indoor air quality, moisture and microbial problems in buildings and provides engineering control solutions. Peter has conducted over 3000 residential and commercial building surveys for the past 16 years. He has extensively worked with the water restoration industry and was a committee member of the IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration and S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation.

He has studied industrial hygiene, environmental testing methods and engineering controls at the University of California, San Diego and Berkeley,the Mid Atlantic Environmental Hygiene Resource Center in Philadelphia and in Germany. Peter is a Registered Environmental Accessor (REA) with the state of California, a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional (CIAQP) and Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS).

Randy Pierce

As an Approved IICRC Instructor, Randy Pierce has traveled the United States teaching textile cleaning courses for the past several years. He instructs classes on carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, trauma scene clean up and odor control as well as business marketing classes.

In addition to teaching, Randy is an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner, Master Water Restorer, Master Fire Restorer, and an owner/operator of a successful textile cleaning and restoration company for 19 years. Randy has a diversified business background working in the Air Force, Pepco, and apartment communities learning not just cleaning skills but management and leadership skills. Randy has also been involved with Boy scouts as a scoutmaster and committee chair for the last 19 years.

Randy's positive attitude combined with a motivating teaching style makes him one of the most requested instructors in the country. He is well known for teaching his students how to be ultra competitive in today's fast paced business environment through the use of advanced technical skills and innovative sales and marketing techniques.

Rick Ruch

Rick Ruch has been in the cleaning and restoration industry since 1982. He began his career with a large restoration firm in Denver Colorado and was a previous owner of Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Specialist for twelve years. Rick is a past President of the PCUCA and served on their board of directors for ten years. Rick has been an IICRC approved WRT instructor for RSA since 1997, and is currently a certified master restorer, master textile cleaner, and senior carpet inspector.

Sean Burgess

Sean is an Xactimate Certified Trainer (XCT) with extensive experience in both the claims adjusting
and restoration service provider fields. With more than a decade of adjusting experience from both
the field and as a trainer, Sean understands the intricacies of the insurance market. Balanced with real
world experience as an estimator in the restoration industry, his perspective is highly unique and
invaluable. He has been commended on several occasions for his command of the technical aspects
of effective project estimating, however is also regarded as a highly effective trainer, with a gift for
translating what he teaches into practical, real world application.

Steve Toth

10 years experience as a construction industry Consultant/Trainer for the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association and the former Construction Safety Association of Ontario.

  • Deliver approximately 20 different IHSA and WSIB health & safety training programs.
  • Considered the only IHSA Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Suspended Access Equipment (SAE) outside the GTA.
  • Conduct on-site health & safety surveys and various levels of Needs Analysis in order to best determine and further implement high quality health & safety solutions.
  • Conduct theoretical & practical training sessions and information exchanges on jobsites and at client facilities.
  • Promptly and proactively respond to customer requests for information on current legislative requirements, industry best practices and general inquiries on the IHSA’s products and services.

10 years experience as a construction industry Manager, Trainer and Service Technician for both ground-mounted and suspended Access Equipment.

  • Executed and overlooked precise preparations, repairs and maintenance of Suspended Access Equipment (Swingstages.)
  • Trained new employees and cross-trained existing employees in areas of Fall Prevention, swingstage operation, legislative requirements and company policies.
  • Performed diagnostics and scheduled inspections/tests on various SAE products including: Tirak, Skyclimber, Tirfor, Acrobat, Astro and Spider.
  • Met with clients on Ontario and Quebec jobsites to determine efficient and safe means of access to work areas
  • Installed, tested, repaired and operated numerous configurations of SAE including privately-owned custom installations and in-house rented products.
  • Conducted emergency mid-air repairs and transfers of damaged equipment and assisted in safely descending equipment back to the ground
  • Assisted in designing and testing various engineered suspension systems

 An additional 10 years experience in general construction and transportation services:

  • Holder of over 25 training certificates in the areas of construction equipment, transportation, adult education techniques and WSIB certification.
  • Beyond personal construction and renovation projects over the past 30 years, was employed and excelled at land clearing & lumber-jacking, forming & concrete placement, rough and finish carpentry including framing, sheathing, shingle installation, drywall installation & finishing and cabinet-making.
  • Carleton University Graduate, conduct business in both official languages
  • Reside in rural South Ottawa with my wife, 2 teenagers and 2 huskies

Tim Riley

Tim Riley established Crime & Death Scene Cleaning in 1998 to provide a service that was being performed improperly by many cleaning companies, businesses and homeowners. Prior to establishing CADSC, Inc, Tim taught science in the Marblehead, MA public schools for 27 years. He taught various Biology and Life Science courses to grade 7 - 12 and also taught Physics and Introductory Physical Science to grade 9 - 12. Tim's formal education includes a B. Ed. from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL (1972) and a M. Ed. Administration from Salem State College, Salem, MA (1979). He also completed numerous other courses totaling 83 graduate level credits related to education, biology and emergency care in the years since. Certified as a Master Instructor by the United States Navy and taught numerous course in intelligence related subjects.

Tim has served as the Secretary of the American Bio-Recovery Association for over 10 years and has served on numerous committees of the Association. He has contributed to the composition of the training manual "Crime and Trauma Scene BioRecovery" by Kent Berg, and wrote the first curriculum to train and certify biorecovery technicians and helped to develop the Biorecovery Technician Certification exam. Tim holds Technician certificate #3, Instructor certificate #1 and has trained over 80% of all certified technicians in the world.

Vikki Kelly

Vikki Kelly is the National Sales Manager of the CRW Supply Division of Bridgewater Corporation. Bridgewater was established over 40 years ago and has long been recognized as the industry leader in the manufacture and redistribution of machines, chemicals and accessories for the cleaning and restoration industry, with international distribution. Bridgewater leads the industry in education.

Vikki has been affiliated with Bridgewater since 1991. She has IICRC certifications in CCT, SMT, WRT and LCT. Vikki teaches seminars on Diversification that include an abundance of hands on experiences for participants, and she heads up a 2-day Diversification Seminar for CRW Distributors twice yearly. Under the direction of Vikki, CRW was named the Supplier of the Year in 2011 by the Distribution Partners of America.

Vikki’s specialty is teaching Carpet Cleaning and Restoration professionals how to Diversify and, Thrive, not just survive, in any economy. Vikki’s seminars are filled with education, lots of hands-on involvement and fun!